Passive Voice — упражнения с ответами

passive voice Задания

Упражнение 1

Употребите правильную форму глагола в пассивном залоге.

  1. The roads (cover) with the snow. – Дороги покрыты снегом.
  2. Chocolate (make) from cocoa. – Шоколад изготавливается из какао.
  3. The Pyramids (build) in Egypt. – Пирамиды были построены в Египте.
  4. This coat (buy) four years ago. – Это пальто было куплено 4 года назад.
  5. The stadium (open) next month. – Стадион будет открыт в следующем месяце.
  6. Your parents (invite) to a meeting. – Твои родители будут приглашены на собрание.
  7. Where is your car? – It (mend) at the moment. – Где твоя машина? – В данный момент она ремонтируется.
  8. The books already (pack). – Книги уже упакованы.
  9. The castle can (see) from a long distance. – Замок можно увидеть издалека.
  10. The guests must (meet) at noon. — Гости должны быть встречены в полдень.


  1. The roads are covered with the snow.
  2. Chocolate is made from cocoa.
  3. The Pyramids were built in Egypt.
  4. This coat was bought four years ago.
  5. The stadium will be opened next month.
  6. Your parents will be invited to a meeting.
  7. Where is your car? – It is being mended at the moment.
  8. The books have already been packed.
  9. The castle can be seen from a long distance.
  10. The guests must be met at noon.

Упражнение 2

Преобразуйте предложения из активного залога в пассивный.

  1. They are now building new hospitals in the provinces.
  2. Will they publish her new novel next year?
  3. They will have completed the new petrol station by winter.
  4. The police have just arrested Jimmy on suspicion of murder.
  5. They cut the gas off because Mr. and Mrs. Green hadn’t paid their bill.
  6. They will open a new hotel next week.
  7. Our managers discuss important matters every Tuesday.
  8. The government closed the plant last year.
  1. New hospitals are now being built in the provinces.
  2. Will her new novel be published next year?
  3. The new petrol station will have been completed by winter.
  4. Jimmy has just been arrested on suspicion of murder.
  5. The gas was cut off because the bill hadn’t been paid by Mr. and Mrs. Green.
  6. A new hotel will be opened next week.
  7. Important matters are discussed (by our managers) every Tuesday.
  8. The plant was closed last year.

Упражнение 3

Поставьте следующие предложения в страдательный залог (passive voice).

  1. Did they offer you a good job?
  2. Why can’t you tell them the truth?
  3. What kind of explanation did they give you?
  4. They have just shown us a new film.
  5. The teacher was reading a fairy tale to the children.
  6. Have you written a letter to Father?
  7. Will the teacher dictate the text to you?
  8. They asked me a lot of interesting questions.
  9. Everyone was listening to the speaker very attentively.
  10. People are talking a lot about this young actress.
  11. He never mentioned the incident to his friends.
  12. His father taught him mathematics.
  13. We envy him his luck.
  1. Were you offered a good job? Was a good job offered (to) you?
  2. Why can’t they be told the truth? Why can’t the truth be told them?
  3. What kind of explanation were you given? What kind of explanation was given (to) you?
  4. We’ve just been shown a new fi lm. A new film has just been shown (to) us.
  5. A fairy tale was being read to the children.
  6. Has a letter to Father been written?
  7. Will the text be dictated to you?
  8. I was asked a lot of interesting questions.
  9. The speaker was being listened to very attentively.
  10. This young actress is being talked about a lot.
  11. The incident was never mentioned to his friend.
  12. He was taught mathematics by his father.
  13. He is envied his luck.

Упражнение 4

Превратите предложения в отрицательные и переведите.

  1. Ann was bitten by a homeless dog.
  2. The zoo is being reconstructed at the moment.
  3. The luggage must be checked at the customs.
  4. Souvenirs are sold everywhere.
  5. The job will be finished at 3 o’clock.
  1. Ann wasn’t bitten by a homeless dog. – Аня не была покусана бездомной собакой.
  2. The zoo isn’t being reconstructed at the moment. – Зоопарк не реконструируется в данный момент.
  3. The luggage must not be checked at the customs. – Багаж не должен быть проверен на таможне.
  4. Souvenirs aren’t sold everywhere. – Сувениры не продаются повсюду.
  5. The job will not be finished at 3 o’clock. – Работа не будет закончена в 3 часа.

Упражнение 5

Преобразуйте предложения из пассивного залога в активный, добавив лицо либо предмет, совершающего действие, где это необходимо.

  1. Return tickets should have been reserved two weeks ago.
  2. Two single rooms had been booked for the friends by their travel agent.
  3. The pyramids are being ruined by the tourists.
  4. The new sofa will have been delivered by noon.
  5. When will Molly be told the time of his arrival?
  6. Why hasn’t my car been repaired yet?
  7. An ancient settlement has been uncovered by archaeologists.
  8. Hundreds of rare birds are killed every day.
  9. The picnic was ruined by bad weather.
  10. Who were these roses planted for?
  1. We should have reserved return tickets two weeks ago.
  2. The travel agent had booked two single rooms for the friends.
  3. The tourists are ruining the pyramids.
  4. They will have delivered the sofa by noon.
  5. When will Tom tell Molly the time of his arrival?
  6. Why haven’t you repaired my car yet?
  7. Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient settlement.
  8. People kill hundreds of rare birds every day.
  9. Bad weather ruined the picnic.
  10. For whom did you plant these roses?

Упражнение 6

Дайте полные ответы на следующие вопросы.

  1. Are the Olympic Games held every 10 years? (Олимпийские игры проводятся каждые 10 лет?)
  2. Is bread made from flour or potatoes? (Хлеб готовят из муки или картофеля?)
  3. Was the Eifel Tower built in Moscow? (Эйфелева башня была построена в Москве?)
  4. Will the final exams be taken in summer or in winter? (Выпускные экзамены будут сдаваться летом или зимой?)
  5. When is Christmas celebrated in Europe? (Когда празднуется Рождество в Европе?)
  1. No, they are not. The Olympic Games are held every four years.
  2. Bread is made from flour.
  3. No, it wasn’t. The Eifel Tower was built in Paris.
  4. The final exams will be taken in summer.
  5. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December in Europe.

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