Relative Pronouns — упражнения

Relative pronouns упражнения Задания


Упраж­не­ние 1. Join two sentences using a relative pronoun (Со­еди­ни­те два пред­ложе­ния, ис­поль­зуя от­но­си­тель­ное ме­сто­име­ние)

Example: I wrote to the friend. He had a birthday last week. – I wrote to the friend who/that had a birthday last week.

I bought a house. It was nice.
Alice has got a friend. He dances well.
He received the letter. He was waiting for it.
Max has become an actor. You met him last year.
I was happy to get a letter from my friend. He has been travelling around the world.
This dress costs a lot of money. It has a handmade embroidery.
I forgot to print the article. I wrote it yesterday.
The boy was sad. His bike was broken.


I bought a house which/that was nice.
Alice has got a friend who/that dances well.
He received the letter which/that he was waiting for.
Max who/that you met last year has become an actor.
I was happy to get a letter from my friend who/that has been travelling around the world.
This dress whose embroidery is handmade costs a lot of money.
I forgot to print the article which/that I wrote yesterday.
The boy whose bike was broken was sad.

Упраж­не­ние 2. Fill in the gaps with the most appropriate relative pronouns.

This is the store……….​was robbed last week.
The bag……….I bought is blue.
She wore a costume………..​made her look funny.
The girl………..​door was open was waiting for the guests.
The boy…………​rode a horse was very handsome.
This is the gadget………..​price is really high.

Упражнение 3. В данном упражнении необходимо вставить подходящее по смыслу и грамматическому правилу относительное местоимение.

1.That is the shop ____ was awarded as the best shop in the city.
2.The girl ____ brother goes with me to the gym is a good singer.
3.The man ____ broke into our house was caught in two days.
4.She visits her grandmother ____ lives in the countryside every summer.
5.She was wearing a dress ___ looked like princess’.
6.The bookshelf ____ we bought last week has broken down.
7.The man ___ was sitting on the bench turned around and saw his granddaughter.
8.A woman ____ son was crying paid no attention to him.
9.The woman ____ car had broken down on her way home spend 3 hours waiting for help.
10.My best friend ____ I know for years will never let me down.
11.He didn’t follow the instructions ____ he was given, so he failed to pass the test.
12.The girl ___ lived next door was very shy and couldn’t say a word to protect herself at school.
13.I need to buy a laptop ____ can work up to 5 hours without a charger.
14.My father ___ is a doctor has no idea how to repair a car.
15.The photo ____ is placed on the mantel was taken at the picnic two years ago.



Упражнение 4. Read the sentences and underline the relative pronouns (Прочитайте предложения и подчеркните относительные местоимения):

He met his teacher who was very strict. – Он встретил своего учителя, который был очень строгим.
He’s looking for a secretary that can use a computer well. – Он ищет секретаря, который хорошо умеет пользоваться компьютером.
You will see the house which is opposite the petrol station. – Ты увидишь дом, который напротив заправки.
The camera that costs about 200 pounds has been lost. – Фотоаппарат, который стоит около двух сотен фунтов, был потерян.
The little girl whose doll was broken is crying. – Маленькая девочка, чья кукла поломана, плачет.
The house whose roof is white belongs to my grandparents. – Дом, крыша которого белая, принадлежит моим бабушке и дедушке.


Упражнение 5. Поставьте подходящее относительное местоимение who, which, that, when, why, where или whose.

His sister, … name is Lara, works at the library.
Her last film, … I couldn’t understand at all, was a great success.
Give him something … will take away the pain.
I work in the town … my son lives.
We’ll show you the poem … changed my life.
Doctors, … claim money, are shameless.
Is there a shop near here … sells milk?
That’s the main reason … I came to you.
I’ll never forget my childhood … I was so happy.
People … live in flats shouldn’t have animals.
The car … he bought last month is fantastic.
This is the most beautiful waterfall … we have ever seen!

whose (Его сестра, чье имя Лара, работает в библиотеке.)
which/that (Ее последний фильм, который я совсем не понял, имел большой успех.)
that (Дай мне что-нибудь для снятия боли.)
where (Я работаю в том городе, где живет мой сын.)
which/that (Мы покажем вам стихотворение, изменившее мою жизнь.)
who (Врачи, требующие денег, бессовестны.)
that/which (Здесь есть поблизости магазин, продающий молоко?)
why (Это основная причина, почему я пришел к вам.)
when (Я никогда не забуду свое детство, когда я был так счастлив.)
who (Люди, проживающие в квартирах, не должны иметь животных.)
which/that (Машина, которую он купил в прошлом месяце, фантастическая.)
that (Это самый красивый водопад, который мы когда-либо видели!)

Упражнение 6. Заполните пропуски, используя who, which, where, whose.

I don’t agree with people… say that all modern music is rub­bish.
That’s the music … I like best of all.
The shop … I bought this CD is next to the post office.
The man … party I went to is a composer.
I’ve broken the vase … you presented me.
That’s the only rock group … music I like.
Musicians … are really successful work hard.

Упражнение 7. Вставьте относительные местоимения, где нужно.

My uncle works for a company… makes cars.
The book is about the man … made wonderful things.
It seems … the Earth is the only planet… life exists.
Have you found the notebook …. you lost?
What was the name of the man… wife had been taken to the hospital?
Is there a shop near here … I can buy bread?
The reason… I am phoning you is to invite you to the party.
She game me the money, … I put in my pocket.

Упражнение 8. Соедините предложения, используя относительные местоимения.

1.Не is the man. He lives next door. 2. This is the picture. You presented to me last month. 3. These are the gloves. I found them on the train. 4. I met two actors. We watched them on TV show last night. 5. This is the house. My father built it many years ago. 6. The person got a reward. He took the lost wallet to the police station. 7. Where is the letter? I put it in the table.8. This is the picture. I took it on holidays.

Упражнение 9. Соедините предложения, используя относительные местоимения.

1.This is the house. I was born here. 2. That is the woman. She gave you the book. 3. That is the book. The woman gave it to you. 4. Where is the shop? You bought the book there. 5. Is that the man? He owns the shop. 6. Is that the woman? She married the man. He owns the shop. I bought the book there.

Упражнение 10. В данном тексте содержится 11 ошибок. Найдите и исправьте их.

The town which I was born has changed greatly over the last fifty years. Now there is a modern shopping center on the place that my school used to be and all the children whose went there have grown up and moved away. The local cinema, that was built several years ago, used to be a dance hall which big bands played. The park, where was my favourite place as a child, is now a car park. Some things are still the same though. Mrs Jones, whom is now seventy years old, still lives in the High Street and Mr Jones still owns the baker’s shop, that two sons now work instead of him. The hospital where I was born in is still standing, although it is now much bigger than it was at the time which I was born. On the day which my family and I left our town we were all very sad.


Choose correct letter.

1. __ is that sitting over there on the bench?
(a) Who (b) Whom (c) Which
2. I don’t understand a word __ you are speaking about.
(a) what (b) that (c) who
3. They have a very large house round __ there are some beautiful gardens.
(a) that (b) which (c) whose
4. I’m looking at the photograph __ you sent me with your email.
(a) which (b) who (c) whom
5. There is a new television program called: ‘__ wants to be a millionaire?’.
(a) Which (b) What (c) Who
6. I think you will see that this is the best museum __ you can find in the city.
(a) that (b) which (c) who
7. The police want to find out __ drove the green car into the shop window.
(a) who (b) who’s (c) whose
8. Did you meet the lady __ uncle works in the reception?
(a) who (b) whose (c) who’s
9. The person in the house next to mine knows someone __ met the King.
(a) who (b) whom (c) which
10. The grass, __ I cut every week, seems to grow really quickly.
(a) who (b) who’s (c) which

1.a 2.b 3.b 4.a 5.c  6.ab 7.a 8.b 9.a 10 c




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